Zoning Ordinance Update

The County is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of the Zoning Ordinance (Appendix B of the County Code). This review includes consolidation of similar districts, updating of the uses permitted, and modification of the supplemental regulations associated with certain uses, among other revisions. The County's Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission participate in reviewing these revision and additional input is being sought by other relevant County staff and citizen stakeholders throughout the process.


With the support of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission, staff began Phase I of the Zoning Ordinance update in 2017. As part of Phase I, Carol Rizzio, Senior Comprehensive Planner for the Department of Planning and Zoning and lead Planner on this initiative, is reviewing the permitted uses, definitions, district regulations, and supplemental use regulations, among other components. This review includes input from the entire Department of Planning and Zoning through weekly meetings as well as the Planning Commission at their regular monthly meetings and joint meetings with between the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission. Staff presentations to these bodies and draft versions of each completed section are available in the sections below. Prior to finalization of these sections, staff will seek input from citizen stakeholders.

Phase II of this process will include revisions to the specifications for administrative bodies, administrative procedures, enforcement, and other relevant sections. This phase will proceed through a similar process as Phase I, including Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission review as well as input from County staff and citizen stakeholders.

Upon completion of both phases and review by all relevant bodies and individuals, a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission will be scheduled for the proposed revised Zoning Ordinance. Once the Commission is prepared to forward the revised ordinance to the Board, they will do so at the Public Hearing or a subsequent meeting with a recommendation for approval or denial with proposed additional modifications from the Planning Commission. The Board of Supervisors will hold a separate Public Hearing and vote to approve the proposed ordinance (with or without modifications) or deny the proposed ordinance with specifications for departmental staff as to the necessary revisions. Should revisions be determined necessary by the Board, the updated proposed ordinance will proceed through the Public Hearing process before the Planning Commission and Board prior to a second vote to approve or deny the ordinance. Upon approval of the final version, documents to assist the public may be prepared and, if so, provided on the Department of Planning and Zoning's website. 


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Existing Zoning Map